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Barber Styling Program - 1500 Hours/ 18 Months

  • 18Weeks
  • 2Steps


The Vocational College offers training for licensure in Barber-styling according to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA). TVC is licensed to provide theoretical (textbook) and practical (hands-on) training as required by the Barbering and Cosmetology State Board in the following areas: · Men/Women’s Haircutting · Hairstyling · Chemical Texture Services · Shaving (Straight Razor) · Scalp Treatments · Salesmanship · Hair coloring · And more... Upon successfully completing the program and passing the state board exam, students will receive their license and will be eligible to practice as a professional barber. Curriculum: (The number next to each requirement denotes the number of performances required by the state board) Total training time-1500 hours. Practical training-haircutting 267, hairstyles 300, chemical texture services 105, hair coloring 50, facials 50, shaving 50, salesmanship 50, scalp treatments 35.

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Barbering Program, $83.22/month + $1,000.00 Deposit


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